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Podee Baby Bottle FAQ

Podee Baby Bottle FAQ

1. Where can I buy Podee Baby Bottle products?
You can find Podee at many local baby stores, or directly from our online store.
2. What is the appropriate age to start using the Podee® Baby Bottle?
The principal purpose in using the Podee® Baby Bottle is to help reduce colic, ear infections, and reflux. This is accomplished when the baby uses the bottle in an upright or semi-upright position. Hence, it is best to use this bottle when the baby is able to sit in an upright or semi-upright position.
3. How do we clean the Podee® Baby Bottle parts?
You can wash all parts with mild soap and warm water. Inside of the tubes can be cleaned with a tube cleaning brush.
4. Are other teats of different brands compatible with Podee® bottle?
We strongly recommend using teats made by PODEE®. Other brand teats are designed to work only with ordinary baby feeding bottles while teats made by Podee® are designed to work only with Podee® Baby Bottle. Using teats other than the Podee brand may or may not work properly with the Podee Baby Bottle.
5. What is the bottle made from?
The Podee baby bottle and all parts are made of food grade BPA-Free material.
6. Is it okay for the baby to use Podee bottle while lying in a crib so long as the bottle is at lower level?
The Podee Baby Bottle is designed to allow feeding baby in upright position to help prevent accumulation of gas in baby’s stomach that can cause colic. Feeding baby in lying or horizontal position defeats the purpose of this system.


1. How do we solve the flowing problem?

Make sure the bottom of the teat is sealed tightly between the adapter and the ring (collar) to prevent the air from getting into the tube and teat. When these parts are not sealed properly, air will get in the tube and teat which will cause flowing problem. Also, make sure the short tube is connected to the bottom of the disk that goes on top of the bottle, otherwise the system will not work.

2. The bottle leaks when laid on its side. What can we do?

The air vent in the feeding system is designed to prevent a vacuum effect inside the bottle when the baby drinks. The system will not function properly without this vent. When the bottle is laid on its side, the liquid will slowly make its way through this vent and thus cause the leakage. As much as possible, keep the bottle in a vertical position to prevent the bottle from leaking.

3. How do I resolve a problem with tubes sliding off the plastic adapters after cleaning several times?

Cut at least 1cm off the ends of the tube to make the connection tight again. Buy the replacement tubes when needed.